Own A Virtual Restaurant Website For Just $299 yearly.

Your Virtual Restaurant needs and requirements don't have to come at an exclusionary price point. You don't have to settle for a slow nonfunctional website like your competitor has. Our service includes: Merchant Account support, Point Of Sales System functionality, multimedia Shopping Cart capability, Menu's and Forms as well as your own Mobile Application (PWA), Secure Payments and much more. If you are licensed to sell food in your state and want to either cut cost or increase revenue then a Virtual Restaurant (sometimes called a Ghost Restaurant because they share similarities) makes perfect sense. In the virtual concept you are free to cook in your own restaurants kitchen space and also provide your own delivery service using the classical model of you cooking and delivery drivers delivering and collecting tips. In the other concept you may be co-located with others in a rented kitchen and possibly even share a single delivery service account. You may even be serving another menu under a different online concept as many ghost concepts are available under license. In any case the method of profiting is the same, a website takes orders online and offers a secure payments capability, you get notified and then you cook the food as ordered and someone delivers the food to the consumer. We offer you the ability to own a faster, more capable virtual restaurant website that can rank better. We offer restaurateurs these benefits at a lower cost and with faster time to market than other providers as well.

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS why you should open a Virtual Restaurant Website now.
Ghost Restaurants and Ghost Diners

1. Drastically Reduce Your Startup + Ongoing Operational Costs (Save Money).

Classic "brick & mortar" restaurants can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to setup and that does not include operating costs like payroll and insurance. On average, it takes 2 years for a new restaurant to break even (not make a profit, just break even). A virtual restaurant eliminates most of the startup costs and ongoing operational costs due to the use of a website as the primary interface between the restaurant and customers.

2. New + Untapped Customer Demographics

Having a virtual restaurant allows you to target new customer demographics via the use of Search Engine Optimization. Kitchens are agnostic to the food being prepared in them but people are not. With multiple websites, different themes all pointing to the same producer are possible and gaining new customers that would normally be out of reach of the classic model can happen. This means people who would normally skip your dine in restaurant due to its menu, would now being able to consume your almost limitless menu because there is cuisine that appeals to them. With our platform there is nothing stopping you from selling a large variety of food to a wider audience.

3. Online Orders = Increased Profits

Being able to rank on Search Engines is crucial for getting organic new leads as stated previously. Having a measurably faster website is critical for ranking and our platform is hands down the fastest. Listing your website on as many additional services as possible will also help expose you to many more people than other methods. Do these things in concert, correctly, and your business will grow. Our websites can rank organically with zero add-ons, zero plug-ins, zero trickery and zero paid advertising and they do it quickly. This allows you to take the maximum of online orders from the available pool and increase your income stream quickly.

4. Efficient Usage Of Your Available Kitchen Space

Eliminate the downtime between the "rushes". A silent kitchen between Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or the "let out" can not produce income since it is not being used during those "off peak" hours. Online ordering can be 24/7 if you allow it. Online orders help to ensure your kitchen maintains efficiency by being used to serve the mass of people who eat on their own schedule and not just during your classic open or peak hours. Your kitchen can feed those consumers with the help of your website which delivers orders to you via email, text and notifications to any device you choose.

5. Testing New Concepts + New Menu Items

New concepts and the accompanying new menu items are less of a problem when there is not an entire front of the house theme to change in order to meet the perceptions and needs of a different clientele. Those headaches are greatly reduced with a virtual restaurant, website based concept, it's just a few tweaks to a new menu and some visual changes on the site then you are off on another concept with new cuisine and perhaps a completely different set of customers. Our service allows rapid changes with minimum expenditures of time or money.

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The Four Main Restaurant Types We Service.
Same day service is available

Virtual Restaurant - Custom website presentation, POS System functionality, online orders with secure payments, self powered delivery (typically) or at location pick-up/take-out, eCommerce. Plus mobile App (Progressive Web Application).

Brick & Mortar Restaurant - Unique web presentation, POS System functionality, reservations and contact-less "Pay At The Table" via the customers own device. Also self powered delivery (typical) on location pick-up/take-out. Plus mobile App (Progressive Web Application). In person eCommerce.

Mobile Food Service / Catering - Custom site presentation, POS System functionality, appointments for on-site and contact-less "Pay At The Venue" via the customers own device. Also on location pick-up/take-out. Plus mobile App (Progressive Web Application). In person eCommerce.

Ghost Restaurant - Full individual Website presentation, POS System functionality with online ordering and secure payments. Delivery is usually via Third-Party service. Plus mobile App (Progressive Web Application), eCommerce.

Included, Virtual Restaurant Website Functionality.
(included with your $299 yearly subscription)
The BEST Deal on a virtual kitchen you will find online

  • 1. eCommerce, Merchant Account Support: Your current merchant accounts from Square, Elavon, PayPal (PayFlow), GPI, Clover and Authorize.net are supported. You simply call your provider for an eCommerce capable account and you are set. No third-Party service is required which means you save money and time.
  • 2. POS System functionality: Your Virtual Restaurant Website allows you to input menu items, describe them, add pictures and videos of the items and assign a price and even a quantity on-hand. You can also apply applicable taxes and shipping cost/delivery fees are calculated once the online consumer makes their selections and delivery preferences. This allows you to keep track of who, what, when, where and how much for every order. No third-Party service is required which means you save money and time and do business with less stress. Basic Customer Records Database.
  • 3. Secure eCommerce Shopping Cart: Your menu items are presented directly to the online consumer and show all the necessary information and graphics to make a sale. Everything is done automatically including calculating the delivery charge which you have already setup using the POS (Point Of Sales System) capability. You will be both emailed and notified in the Progressive Web Application on your phone or mobile device when you get an order and will be provided all the details to complete the delivery once the payment is completed and verified by your merchant account provider (credit card payments provider). ALL of our payments provider integrations are Secure Hosted Forms. We do not support smaller payment providers and choose only to use the major trusted brands for your security and for your customers security. Additionally we do not use Open Source technology as it has been proven less secure and less reliable. Everything used to create your Virtual Restaurant website is proven major brand technology and comes from the same source, us. No third-Party service is required which also means you save money and time.
  • 4. Custom Menu's: We give you the capability for everything from a static classical menu with simple pictures and food descriptions to a full blown interactive video menu with full eCommerce capability. You can really impress your customer now! No third-Party service is required which means you save money and time.
  • 5. Custom Forms (Form Engine): You can take reservations, take appointments, take surveys, take reviews and even do questionnaires and all from within your Virtual Restaurant Website. No third-Party service is required which again means you save money and time.
  • 6. Mobile Application (Progressive Web Application): We are the only service that provides you a PWA, Web App and it is included with your yearly subscription which means that not only do you have full control over your website from any device it also means that your customers can install your app and stay in touch plus get all the notifications and messaging you need them to get.
  • 7. e-Mail Marketing capability: You can message your customers and allow them all user profiles on your own website so you can market to them exclusively without your message being lost in the noise of Social Media. This allows them to provide you direct feedback as well. This saves you time and money.

Here are the TOP 3 REASONS why you should buy a Virtual Restaurant Website from us.
Ghost Restaurants and Ghost Diners

1. Business Growth Opportunities

Sometimes opportunity rolls right past you because you didn't notice it and other times it knocks on your door. If we learned anything during the COVID-19 Pandemic it was that those who prepare ahead of time will always come out on top. This offer is one of those that can help you succeed when those around you are failing. Virtual Restaurant Websites are expected to help power the explosive growth of the online food delivery market which will exceed $66 Billion Dollars in revenue by the end of 2022 in The United States alone. Click Here To Get Started Today With Your Own Virtual Restaurant Website!

2. Safety + Security

In a world where personal data and payment data are the treasures that crooks seek, you don't want just any old website running in support of your business, you want one that is actually secure and that rules out most of the older generation solution providers who have used Open Source technology provided by sources that did not practice secure development. This is the fastest legitimate way to get your restaurant up and safely selling food online without paying for expensive additional web hosting (included) or dozens of bug patches and security plugins (not needed on our platform) for the older generation of unsafe Web Content Management Systems other providers use.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In order to SEO your Virtual Restaurant Website it will need to meet or exceed Google speed guidelines as evaluated by its performance tools such as PageSpeed Insights. Our websites are faster than ALL other service providers bar none and you are free to evaluate that fact using whatever tools you see fit to use. If we are not faster than any other site offering the same capability then simply purchase from the winner of your evaluation.

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