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The fastest way to get your restaurant selling online is to order a website from us now.

Would You Like A Virtual Restaurant Website?

Do You Need A Virtual Restaurant Website? Do You Want To Sell Food Online For Delivery? Are You Looking For A Way To Stay In Business?

Experts say that 61% of a diners enjoyment rest in the presentation of the food so why not present your delicious culinary creations with your own Virtual Restaurant. Your dream Bistro without the brick and mortar, dine-in experience or the cost and stress. In a world where food delivery outpaces dine-in by over 400% and ten-fold increase in online food ordering globally, the traditional restaurant is more risky than ever before. You can however still win with your edible art and a killer presentation online along with secure payment capability. We sell that capability for $299 USD per year.

This very website a live demonstration of our Virtual Restaurant (we also support the Ghost Diner / Ghost Restaurant concept) service that you can buy for just $299 USD per year and that includes web hosting.

In the case of what you are looking at, it's just a demo with some food we cooked for illustration but just imagine this same website showcasing your food and getting you paid. You can do everything you see here and more including use your existing merchant account to take payments safely (we support the major providers and only use secure hosted forms).

Virtual Websites for just $299 USD